Brightkite fluid app

1. Download Fluid:
2. Launch Fluid and specify “Brightkite” as the name and as the URL.

When Fluid is done, just launch the Brightkite app.


You might also add this Userstyle to tweak the search box:

URL Pattern: * 
Paste into userstyle content box:

// == Userstyle == 
// @name                Fixkite – Attempt to fix some small problems 
// @version             1.0 
// @author              Chris Messina – 
// @link      
// @info                Attempt to fix some small problems with the iPhone site. 
// @note                This Userstyle is to be used on the search page primarily 

#search_form span.delete { 
margin-top: -30px !important; 
margin-left: -8px !important;



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