Everything is cyberspace…

I just started listening to William Gibson's Spooks on my way to work this morning and found out that the Spooks world is not as distant as the world of Neuromancer or Virtual Light was at the time I read them some 15 years ago. This is what my first moments at the office would be if transformed into a Cyberpunk novel:

Gender entered his office. The window blinds were half pulled down in previous attempt to avoid screen glare from the sun but still let some of the precious sun flow through. The office smelled faintly of books, old coffee with a hint of dust. Piles of books, papers and consumer electronics littered the large L-shaped desk, a large screen in its middle. After removing his out suit, Gender started pulling out his work equipment. Taking the portable deck online was always a pleasant routine. Desktop display, additional storage units, re-establishing the sybiotic link between his datapad and its host, setting up the deck controller.

A few moments later he was jacked in. Connected. Virtual desktop glowing, virtual piles waiting. When everything was stabelized, he opened the heatkeeper and drank a sip of AromaKaf. He was good to go.


Please Rob Me

Next step

We at Forthehack have been thinking about how we want to continue pleaserobme.com. It has received a lot of attention and it’s time for a next step. We want to offer this website to a professional foundation, agency or company that focuses on raising awareness, helping people understand and provide answers to online privacy related issues.

If you’re such a foundation, agency or company, contact us.

Foursquare är en mobil applikation som låter folk berätta var de är någonstans. http://pleaserobme.com är en sajt som lyssnar på twitter och snappar upp sådana meddelanden. Tanken är att få folk att fundera lite mer innan de skriver saker på nätet. Bra gjort.

Sharing data between your Mac and iPhone

Pastebot from the Tapbots factory is what I’m talking about, and I’m sure many of you are already proficient users of this must have app. Pastebot is a clipboard manager for your iPhone. It will grab anything from the clipboard when launched on the iPhone, and you can then manage and store your clips into various folders if you want them to have a longer lifespan. But the beauty of Pastebot—beautiful pixels aside—is that it comes with a brilliant sync client for the Mac. With the sync client active, Pastebot launched on your iPhone, anything you Cmd+C on your Mac gets instantly transferred into the Pastebot clipboard history.  Not just that. You can reverse paste clips from your iPhone onto your Mac just by tapping and holding on any clip. It’s so instantaneous and friction free, you could even use it as a dedicated clipboard manager for your Mac.

Jäkligt koolt faktiskt. En snippetsapp vid sidan av datorn + att man ser vad som finns i ens clipboard hela tiden. Telefonen blir som en app till datorn som kör på en extern skärm. En annan för/nackdel är också att “rich text” inte överlever i iPhonens clipboard.

Python: Myths about Indentation

“Whitespace is significant in Python source code.”

No, not in general. Only the indentation level of your
statements is significant (i.e. the whitespace at the
very left of your statements). Everywhere else, whitespace
is not significant and can be used as you like, just like
in any other language. You can also insert empty lines
that contain nothing (or only arbitrary whitespace)

Also, the exact amount of indentation doesn’t matter at all,
but only the relative indentation of nested blocks (relative
to each other).

Furthermore, the indentation level is ignored when you use
explicit or implicit continuation lines. For example,
you can split a list across multiple lines, and the indentation
is completely insignificant. So, if you want, you can do
things like this:

>>> foo = [
...            'some string',
...         'another string',
...           'short string'
... ]
>>> print foo

['some string', 'another string', 'short string']

>>> bar = 'this is ' 
...       'one long string ' 
...           'that is split ' 
...     'across multiple lines'
>>> print bar

this is one long string that is split across multiple lines

Suicide Linux @ Things Of Interest

Suicide Linux

You know how sometimes if you mistype a filename in Bash, it corrects your spelling and runs the command anyway? Such as when changing directory, or opening a file.

I have invented Suicide Linux. Any time – any time – you type any remotely incorrect command, the interpreter creatively resolves it into “rm -rf /” and wipes your hard drive.

It’s a game. Like walking a tightrope. You have to see how long you can continue to use the operating system before losing all your data.

Make your friends think twice before they click with ShadyURL’s NSFW-looking links

ShadyURL is a little bit different: “Don’t just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening,” they say. Hey, why use a run-of-the-mill bit.ly link with some random letters when you can zap someone over to http://5z8.info/inject_now_l2k9y_snufffilms? That’ll make your coworkers think twice before they click — or possibly not, depending on what they’re into.

What deux yeux have teux deux teuxday?


Snygg och enkel “att-göra-app” på webben.