Sharing data between your Mac and iPhone

Pastebot from the Tapbots factory is what I’m talking about, and I’m sure many of you are already proficient users of this must have app. Pastebot is a clipboard manager for your iPhone. It will grab anything from the clipboard when launched on the iPhone, and you can then manage and store your clips into various folders if you want them to have a longer lifespan. But the beauty of Pastebot—beautiful pixels aside—is that it comes with a brilliant sync client for the Mac. With the sync client active, Pastebot launched on your iPhone, anything you Cmd+C on your Mac gets instantly transferred into the Pastebot clipboard history.  Not just that. You can reverse paste clips from your iPhone onto your Mac just by tapping and holding on any clip. It’s so instantaneous and friction free, you could even use it as a dedicated clipboard manager for your Mac.

Jäkligt koolt faktiskt. En snippetsapp vid sidan av datorn + att man ser vad som finns i ens clipboard hela tiden. Telefonen blir som en app till datorn som kör på en extern skärm. En annan för/nackdel är också att “rich text” inte överlever i iPhonens clipboard.


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