Everything is cyberspace…

I just started listening to William Gibson's Spooks on my way to work this morning and found out that the Spooks world is not as distant as the world of Neuromancer or Virtual Light was at the time I read them some 15 years ago. This is what my first moments at the office would be if transformed into a Cyberpunk novel:

Gender entered his office. The window blinds were half pulled down in previous attempt to avoid screen glare from the sun but still let some of the precious sun flow through. The office smelled faintly of books, old coffee with a hint of dust. Piles of books, papers and consumer electronics littered the large L-shaped desk, a large screen in its middle. After removing his out suit, Gender started pulling out his work equipment. Taking the portable deck online was always a pleasant routine. Desktop display, additional storage units, re-establishing the sybiotic link between his datapad and its host, setting up the deck controller.

A few moments later he was jacked in. Connected. Virtual desktop glowing, virtual piles waiting. When everything was stabelized, he opened the heatkeeper and drank a sip of AromaKaf. He was good to go.


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