Friday Slide: Obama And Jobs Off The Record at Slide To Play

Obama: And what about getting young people to vote?

Jobs: Have you heard about push notifications? It’s like a text message, only more annoying. How about we send one out to everyone who owns an iDevice on election day, saying that they can’t access their email, Facebook, or games until they get to a voting booth. Our target demographics are about the same, Mr. President: Young, educated, and wealthy. You’ll do alright.

Obama: That sounds perfect, Steve. I’m glad we had this chat.


Alfred App – Mac OS X Quicklaunch Application

Think of the software release cycle as baking a cake. You put some ingredients in, you mix them up, maybe add a few additional ingredients that weren’t in the recipe to make the cake extra special and then you start baking.

After spending all this effort making the cake, the last thing you want to do is take it out of the oven too early and ruin it.

Yay! Xmarks kommer kanske överleva!

Thank you Xmarks users. You told the world it was simply unacceptable for our service to shut down and it worked. Thanks to your passion, Xmarks now has multiple offers from companies ready and willing to take over the service and keep making browser sync better and better!

This is not a signed, sealed done deal yet. But with multiple offers on the table we’re pretty confident that Xmarks will continue on with no service interruption. Our style of transparent blog updates has worked so well in this process we want to continue that approach and share this news with you. Some may accuse us of masterminding this whole process; I wish we were that clever! Instead we give the credit to our user base, who spoke up in a way that caught the attention of bloggers and journalists around the world and, in turn, generated new options for the service to live on.

I can’t share any more specifics yet but it shouldn’t take too long – we’re hustling to get a deal completed in the near future. Many of you know that we set up a pledge page where users can commit to paying $10 – $20 annually for Xmarks:

Click here to make the Xmarks Pledge

Klicka på länken till pledge-sidan om du använder Xmarks och kan tänka dig betala en liten summa till dem.