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The Latin Modern (LM) Family of Fonts — GUST

The Latin Modern (LM) Family of Fonts

It is here where GUST’s e-foundry guys, Bogusław “Jacko” Jackowski and Janusz M. Nowacki aka “Ulan”, supported in LaTeX matters by Marcin Woliński, are delivering fonts developed by them for the “Latin Modern Project”.

The project started in 2002 and will run for several more years. It is funded by DANTE e.V., GUTenberg, NTG, TUG, CS TUG and GUST.

You may go directly to the download section and/or consult the available publications. You might also be interested in the fonts’ licensing.

The Family

The Latin Modern fonts are derived from the famous Computer Modern fonts designed by Donald E. Knuth and first published by the American Matematical Society (AMS) in 1997. One of the main extensions is the addition of an extensive set of diacritical characters, covering many scripts based on the Latin character set, mainly european, but not only, most notably Vietnamese. The project is authored by Bogusław “Jacko” Jackowski and Janusz M. Nowacki aka “Ulan”, supported in LaTeX matters by Marcin Woliński

The method and scope of this project, more fully described in the available publications and presentations, has become to be known as “LM-ization”. This method was also applied to the font families distributed with the Ghostscript program to produce the TeX Gyre fonts.

Latin Modern, my favourite type family at the moment. Derived from the Computer Modern family by Donald Knuth. The Computer Modern family is the default font family used in TeX. Great work, many formats, freely downloadable.