Magiskt ryggsäcksarkivskåp

Vore det inte coolt med ett magiskt ryggsäcksarkivskåp!? Som dessutom gjorde allt 90% lättare! Man skulle kunna ha massor av saker med sig. I princip är det väl en fysisk dator. Fast istället för dator så är det en väska. Man kanske skulle kunna ha sitt hus med sig istället i och för sig, och göra sig liten för att gå in i det och när man kom ut så blev man stor igen. Fast allt skulle väl inte vara lika tillgängligt som om man hade ett magiskt ryggsäcksarkivskåp. Med olika lådor så klart så att man inte var tvungen att ha allt i en enda lång låda.



A way to transfer licenses from pre-Mac App Store purchases to Mac App Store

The Mac App Store has been a success for new buyers. Not so for existing software users wanting to upgrade or transfer their licenses to the update friendly Mac App Store.

The problem is that it is not possible to transfer licenses. But what if I bought a new Mac App Store license and sent the recipt to the app developer and he/she could send me a refund for the Mac App Store sum – Apples 30%?

Why I prefer Chrome over Safari and Firefox

Chrome (9.0.597.84)
+ feels light and powerful
+ feels more responsive and faster than Safari and Firefox
+ restart not needed when installing/uninstalling/disabling extensions
+ good selection of  extensions
+ native Shareaholic extension
+ light weight internal PDF-reader
+ frequent updates
+ very integrated with Google services
+ pin tabs
– no Devonthink extension
– very integrated with Google services
– no panorama like extension (tab sugar in too unstable)

Safari (5.0.3):
+ feels too simple
+ native cocoa
+ good drag and drop tab UI
– no panorama like extension
– not as many extensions as Chrome or Firefox
– succeptible to Adobe setting Acrobat Reader as default PDF reader, and Acrobat Reader is so bloated.
– "open in new tab" is not the first menu option in the context menu
– search in google replaces current site rather than opening a new tab

Firefox (4.0b10):
+ pin tabs
+ panorama
+ large selection of extensions
– restart needed to install/unistall extensions
– slow
– feels like a big, slow tank

Fake operator instead of MakeItMine


I just upgraded to iOS 4.2.1 since greenpois0n RC5 was released yesterday. As with all upgrades, some old things break. MakeItMine was one of them. Fortunately, Fake operator works, so now I don’t have to waste statusbar space on my carriers name.