Why I prefer Chrome over Safari and Firefox

Chrome (9.0.597.84)
+ feels light and powerful
+ feels more responsive and faster than Safari and Firefox
+ restart not needed when installing/uninstalling/disabling extensions
+ good selection of  extensions
+ native Shareaholic extension
+ light weight internal PDF-reader
+ frequent updates
+ very integrated with Google services
+ pin tabs
– no Devonthink extension
– very integrated with Google services
– no panorama like extension (tab sugar in too unstable)

Safari (5.0.3):
+ feels too simple
+ native cocoa
+ good drag and drop tab UI
– no panorama like extension
– not as many extensions as Chrome or Firefox
– succeptible to Adobe setting Acrobat Reader as default PDF reader, and Acrobat Reader is so bloated.
– "open in new tab" is not the first menu option in the context menu
– search in google replaces current site rather than opening a new tab

Firefox (4.0b10):
+ pin tabs
+ panorama
+ large selection of extensions
– restart needed to install/unistall extensions
– slow
– feels like a big, slow tank


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