Yeah. Ultimate list. First out is the iPhone list (using them on an iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.3.1 jailbroken with redsn0w).

  • Activator (customize command activation, e.g. swipe status bar left, shake phone when in springboard)
  • Backgrounder (control when an app is background enabled or not + enable true multitasking (I do not use this however)
  • Barrel* (custom springboard page transitions)
  • biteSMS* (better SMS functionality – e.g. quickreply upon recieving an SMS)
  • Browser Changer (change default browser, e.g. from Safari to iCab)
  • CalendarPro4* (attach ringer profiles to calendar events, either manually or via rules – all events from calendar X)
  • CleanStatus (remove operator text and icons from the status bar)
  • Color Keyboard* (black keyboard)
  • FakeClockUp (increase iOS animation speed for a faster interface feel)
  • Graviboard* (apply gravity to springboard icons)
  • iFile** (browse files on your device)
  • LockInfo* (show calendar, weather, mail, notifications, sms, missed calls on lock screen)
  • LockscreenClockHide (hide default clock from the lock screen, I use the LockInfo clock instead)
  • Manual Correct (change Auto Correct behaviour – touch to accept suggestion instead of touch to reject suggestion)
  • MultiIconMover (select multiple icons to move from one springboard page to another)
  • MxTube (download youtube videos)
  • My3G (bypass 20MB download limit over 3G)
  • MyWi 4.0 (share 3G over wifi)
  • OpenSSH (enable remote terminal access to the phone – be sure to change root password if you install this)
  • PkgBackup (backup list of installed Cydia packages + their settings and preferences)
  • qTweeter (compose and send  twitter via activator gesture)
  • SBSettings (quick access to system toggles (on/off) such as Wifi, BlueTooth, 3G, Data, Airplane mode, Processes, Brightness)
  • “Serious SBSettings” theme
  • Airplane toggle (Airplane SBSettings)
  • Autolock toggle (Autolock SBSettings)
  • Broser Changer toggle (included in Browser Changer)
  • Snappy (take pictures and video quickly from lock screen via Activator)
  • Vi IMproved (you never know when you need a text editor)
  • * paid package (purchase to install)
    ** shareware package (purchase to keep on using after trial period)

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