United Kingdom Venn Diagram « Grey’s Blog


Nice diagram. A commenter also pointed out that this is a Euler diagram, not a Venn diagram: http://blog.stevemould.com/venn-vs-euler-diagrams/


Comparison: Bitstream vs DejaVu vs Menlo

Previously I posted an image comparing DejaVu Sans Mono with Apple’s Menlo which are both based on Bitstream Vera Sans Mono. I made my own comparison, and in this also included Bitstream Sans Vera Mono and the different font weights.

Update: Posterous image ordering remains a mystery.

First, three sets of font comparisons – one set for each font pair’s different weights (I hope GIF animation is preserved by Posterous). View the images full screen to see the animations showing the different weights within a set.

Finally, a grid of all the comparisons. Enjoy.


Three-Finger Gesture (Firefox) – MacRumors Forums

Thanks for all your help, guys, but I got it!

In order to get the swipe down/up to trigger panorama you have to change these:

browser.gesture.swipe.down > Browser:ShowTabView Browser:ToggleTabView
browser.gesture.swipe.up > Browser:HideTabView Browser:ToggleTabView


Settings in about:config to map three-finger-swipe down to Panorama (and up for back).

Update: Seems like ShowTabView and HideTabView were replaced by ToggleTabView when FF4 went out of beta.

Information Architects – iA Writer: On Prices and Features

The logic consequence is that the less manipulations required by an interface to achieve its goal, the better it works.

Bra riktlinje. Men jag tror inte att man vill ha mjukvara som bara kan göra en specificerad serie “handlingar”.