Adobe Forums: There was a RAISE without a handler. The application will now exit/

Had same thing – problem was with WebLink plugin after some update.

Locate Acrobat Plug-ins folder (right click on Adobe Acrobat Pro in Applications and select Show Package Contents), remove folder WebLink.acroplugin or replace it with previous version from backup, and restart Acrobat. Not sure if this plugin is big lost, but at least you should have your Acrobat running.

A bug like this should really be a shame for Adobe devs

I’ve had problems with Adobe Acrobat Reader Pro since I don’t know when (more than 2 years). Today I found an answer even though I have googled the issue many times. Also, just like the poster in the forum, I find it really disappointing that Adobe has not acknowledged the bug or fixed it.

Online gamers crack AIDS enzyme puzzle – Yahoo! News

The ingenuity of game players is a formidable force that, if properly directed, can be used to solve a wide range of scientific problems.

Slaves of tomorrow – gamers hooked on games which are fronts for data processing factories.

MMD3 → LaTeX

I am writing my thesis in Scrivener using MMD3 and in doing some customization to the MMD3 LaTeX templates. As a note to self and those who are interested, here is how the MMD3 memoir template works together with the following metadata.

latex input: mmd-memoir-header
Title: MultiMarkdown Example
Base Header Level: 2
latex mode: memoir
latex input: mmd-memoir-begin-doc
latex footer: mmd-memoir-footer

The MMD3 meta-data is parsed in order, so first, mmd-memoir-header is added, then using latex mode: memoir (as opposed to beamer), mmd-memoir-begin-doc is added to the output. The actual MMD3 document is added before latex footer: mmd-memoir-footer as latex footer is a special keyword. I have the author and bibtex keywords after Base Header Level in my actual metadata.