The Ultimate Egg Guide |

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In this infographic you can find some really interesting facts about eggs.

Jody Foo‘s insight:

So.. Large is "normal". I would have thought that Medium was "normal". I’m thinking Medium = Average = Normal. But maybe that’s just me. Perhaps it is a marketing thing. "If we call the normal sized eggs ‘Large’, people will think they are getting more."

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Unzip and flatten multiple zip-files on a Mac (bash)

Here’s just a quick note to my future self (other people are free to take part of it too though).

When using the * character to unzip several files using the unzip command on a Mac, the * has to be escaped as unzip wants to do its file listing by itself, rather than having bash do it for it.

So instead of writing unzip *.zip, you would write \*.zip.

Also as a final note to self, to unzip several zip-files into e.g. the parent directory and also ignore any directory structure contained by the zip file + overwriting any duplicate files, one would write

unzip -o -j -d ../ \*.zip

Whitelines för whiteboard under utveckling

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Efter att ha testat Whitelines Link för anteckningsblock har 99mac nu testat en kommande produkt från samma företag, för att enkelt fånga anteckningar på en whiteboard.

Jody Foo‘s insight:

Nice! I would like to have these. Looking forward to getting a magnetic, portable version.

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Android’s Market Share Is Literally A Joke | Tech.pinions – Perspective, Insight, Analysis

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This is the first of two articles looking at how we measure – and mis-measure – who is winning in the mobile sector. Article one focuses on market share and

Jody Foo‘s insight:

Interesting article on using "market share" as a measurement of success.

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IDG and reusing published material

I just received this link to an article in the Swedish version of Tech World. As soon as I see a reference to pocket protectors, I get suspicious of the article just being a translation (as pocket protectors are not as iconic in Sweden). One google later, I find the previous versions of the article. First published in January, and then in April. The images in the Swedish article are from the April slide show version.

Now I can’t find anything wrong with a publisher translating its content and re-publishing it, but as a reader, I feel deceived. Can’t they just tell the readers that they are getting translated international content? With the web, this becomes so much obvious compared to the magazine age.

Glui has replaced Skitch for me

I used to love Skitch since it was quick. Since it got integrated with Evernote, it has become slow. I do not need Evernote integration. I was happy with being able to quickly create an annotated screenshot, getting the URL to it and being able to post it.

There are a few alternatives available:

The features of these alternatives break down as follows:

  • Free: GrabBox, Monosnap
  • Paid: Captured ($2.99), Glui ($2.99)
  • Upload to Dropbox: Captured, Glui, GrabBox
  • Upload to proprietary hosting: Monosnap
  • Annotation: Glui, Monosnap
  • Draggable image: Captured, Glui

I chose to use Glui. It’s simple and feature complete for my purposes. It also allows you to share a the image via a clean, responsice, black web page (URL on, image hotlinked from Dropbox).