Zotero + Ulysses 3 + pandoc workflow

Ok, just a quick post as a note to self on my Ulysses 3 + Zotero workflow:

Zotero settings

Zotero has a hidden preference setting called extensions.zotero.recursiveCollections (or just recursiveCollections if using the desktop version). Setting the value of this to true, instead of the default false value, selecting a folder also displays the contents of its sub-folders. I think this behaviour makes sense for a document management system (where finding a document is more important than knowing where it resides).

To change the value of extensions.zotero.recursiveCollections, just go to about:config, find the preference name and then double click the value.


5 thoughts on “Zotero + Ulysses 3 + pandoc workflow”

  1. I would be really interested in reading a more complete explanation of this workflow with examples if that is at all possible, as I am new to Pandoc, and grudgingly moving from Ulysses II to III.

  2. If you’re interested in moving away from citekeys to Markdown formatted citations, I’ve written a free workflow for Alfred app that allows you to search and cite your zotero data, right from your keyboard with plenty of speed. I’ve found having the actual citations in the original, plain text document preferable in the long term (over and against having cite keys in the original). Full documentation for the “app” is on my blog: http://bit.ly/1adTjAB

  3. Do you still do this? It looks like the new Ulysses may be able to better support custom markup, but you can’t enter citeproc syntax like this without it turning into a hyperlink:

    Blah blah [see @doe99, pp. 33-35; also @smith04, ch. 1].

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