How Cash Would Be Seen by the Media if Invented Today

Here’s a fun read on “How Cash Would Be Seen by the Media if Invented Today.”.


Bluetooth Cassette Adapter

Bluetooth Cassette Adapter

Great idea!

Why rewarding “correct” actions is good

Here is an example of what can happen if a system rewards incorrect actions: Giving bar ratings to make comments visible. The linked post gives examples of people giving one star ratings to make their comment visible. This behavior is not that weird actually if one looks at the motivation of people who write reviews; these people write reviews not to be kind to a developer, but to share their opinion. Their motivation to write the review is to have other people read them. So if the system shows 1 star
comments more than 5 star comments, the way to get other people to read your comment is to give the app a 1 star review.

Good example of the importance of looking at more than just usability when building software and ecosystems.

Jumpstarting NiMH batteries that won’t charge

WIN! I had a few NiMH batteries that my charger would not charge. I thought they were broken, but found out that you can sometimes jump charge them a bit and they work again.

So I hooked up an DC adapter set to 12v to them for 2 seconds and then put them into the charger and now they are charging again!

Update: A note for future reference — positive to positive, negative to negative.



Append to attribute values using jQuery

Quite a productive day today, here’s another note to self containing a nice jQuery snippet that appends a string to a given attribute of a certain tag. I got the snippet from stackoverflow (of course).

  $.fn.appendAttr = function(attrName, suffix) {
    this.attr(attrName, function(i, val) {
        return val + suffix;
    return this;

I am doing some content work in a mixed php/perl/legacy web environment. I added some code to the part of the system that I have access to that hides the content I am working on unless I add a &preview in the URL. Because I part of the system that generates the menus, I had to add the &preview manually. This snippet allows me to stay in preview mode once I have entered preview mode.

  $( document ).ready(function() {
    if (window.location.href.match(/&preview$/).length > 0) {
        $( "a").appendAttr('href', '&preview')


Zotero + Ulysses 3 + pandoc workflow

Ok, just a quick post as a note to self on my Ulysses 3 + Zotero workflow:

Zotero settings

Zotero has a hidden preference setting called extensions.zotero.recursiveCollections (or just recursiveCollections if using the desktop version). Setting the value of this to true, instead of the default false value, selecting a folder also displays the contents of its sub-folders. I think this behaviour makes sense for a document management system (where finding a document is more important than knowing where it resides).

To change the value of extensions.zotero.recursiveCollections, just go to about:config, find the preference name and then double click the value.