Glui has replaced Skitch for me

I used to love Skitch since it was quick. Since it got integrated with Evernote, it has become slow. I do not need Evernote integration. I was happy with being able to quickly create an annotated screenshot, getting the URL to it and being able to post it.

There are a few alternatives available:

The features of these alternatives break down as follows:

  • Free: GrabBox, Monosnap
  • Paid: Captured ($2.99), Glui ($2.99)
  • Upload to Dropbox: Captured, Glui, GrabBox
  • Upload to proprietary hosting: Monosnap
  • Annotation: Glui, Monosnap
  • Draggable image: Captured, Glui

I chose to use Glui. It’s simple and feature complete for my purposes. It also allows you to share a the image via a clean, responsice, black web page (URL on, image hotlinked from Dropbox).