Zotero + Ulysses 3 + pandoc workflow

Ok, just a quick post as a note to self on my Ulysses 3 + Zotero workflow:

Zotero settings

Zotero has a hidden preference setting called extensions.zotero.recursiveCollections (or just recursiveCollections if using the desktop version). Setting the value of this to true, instead of the default false value, selecting a folder also displays the contents of its sub-folders. I think this behaviour makes sense for a document management system (where finding a document is more important than knowing where it resides).

To change the value of extensions.zotero.recursiveCollections, just go to about:config, find the preference name and then double click the value.


Better Display in Marked.app Service

Here is a better version of the Display in Marked.app service which does not need any customization. This version which uses a shell script in Automator rather than an Automator action + AppleScript was originally written by Brett Terpstra, creator of Marked.app.

Posterous seems to have problems with my attached zip-file, so I have hosted it off site: →Marked.workflow.zip