MMD3 → LaTeX

I am writing my thesis in Scrivener using MMD3 and in doing some customization to the MMD3 LaTeX templates. As a note to self and those who are interested, here is how the MMD3 memoir template works together with the following metadata.

latex input: mmd-memoir-header
Title: MultiMarkdown Example
Base Header Level: 2
latex mode: memoir
latex input: mmd-memoir-begin-doc
latex footer: mmd-memoir-footer

The MMD3 meta-data is parsed in order, so first, mmd-memoir-header is added, then using latex mode: memoir (as opposed to beamer), mmd-memoir-begin-doc is added to the output. The actual MMD3 document is added before latex footer: mmd-memoir-footer as latex footer is a special keyword. I have the author and bibtex keywords after Base Header Level in my actual metadata.