Pomodoro paper tools

I am trying out the Pomodoro Technique again, but this time I have made my own paper tools. I started off with a list of tasks and boxes for each task. Each box being a pomodoro attempt. A successful pomodoro is marked with an ‘ok’ in a box. A cancelled or interrupted pomodoro is marked with an X (PDF: timeboxes (pomodoro)-4up.pdf).

I am also rather prone to distractions, so I created another sheet where I can write down stuff I think of, so I can do them later instead of when I think of them. I call it F.A.M.E.S. (Focus Augmentation & Memory Enhancement System). Haha. (PDF: FAMES-2up.pdf)

I also re-iterated the task card into a score card. Getting pomodoros done is more important at the moment than reporting what I am doing; I have a separate system for keeping track of tasks. Also, I think it will be more fun to score lots of tomatoes, than just a few per task. (PDF: Pomodoro Score Card-4.pdf).

I am attaching three PDFs to this post, one for each paper tool. The score card and the task card PDF have four of each on a single sheet for printing and cutting. The F.A.M.E.S. sheet comes as four 2-up pages which can be printed out double sided, folded and stapled into a small booklet.