Mini review: Choice of the Deathless for iOS

Choice of the Deathless for iOS by Choice of Games is an interesting interactive book. Not the type where you roll dice, but the kind where you shape and make real choices for the main character. Not “Do you go up the stairs or to the next room first?” choices, but rather choices between alternatives like “Be silent and nod, even though you disagree”, or “Proclaim your honest and enthusiastic support”.

The story is set in a parallel universe where you play the role of a Crafts/man/woman/person, i.e. a sorcerer of sorts, working at a medium sized firm, dealing with demons and gods – a line of work which seems to be more similar to working as a lawyer than being Gandalf.

I am not a fan of “Choose your own adventure” type books, but this I like. Choice of the Deathless uses the strengths of written fiction, rather than trying to emulate a computer game. Choices are not easily categorized into “good” or “evil/bad”. They represent choosing one alternative and discarding others. And there is no looking back… unless you read the book again 🙂

I have not finished the book but am a few chapters in, but I do not think my opinion regrding the experience will change, at least not for the worse I hope.


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