Checklist: 10 steps to upgrade your jailbroken iPhone

Every time I need to upgrade my iPhone (i.e. when a new firmware has been released and there exist a jailbreak for it) I forget the exact procedure and I have to do a bit of thinking before I can start. This time, I’ll write it down and post it to the cloud.
  1. Sync and backup iPhone to iTunes
  2. Remove iPhone from computer
  3. Do another sync with iTunes (as stuff may be transferred to and from the iPhone after the first backup: iTunes does backup, then sync. Not the other way around).
  4. Use Pkgbackup to backup Cydia packages and settings.
  5. Restore iPhone from new firmware.
  6. Restore iPhone from old backup
  7. Jailbreak
  8. Install Pkgbackup and restore your Cydia packages and settings.
  9. If you are lucky, you are now done.
  10. If you are unlucky and the new firmware breaks some of you Cydia packages, the best thing is to start from 5 and then manually install Cydia packages as you feel the need to.

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