Digital analogue constraint design

Lucas describes an app that works like an old disposable camera, whereby you have to shoot all 24 exposures before you can view the results, saying “It’s an opportunity to bring back the idea that you have this roll of film and you shoot with it, and you think about what you’re seeing in the moment, more so than snapping a photo and looking at it, deleting it or taking another one.” Lucas goes on to say, “It really is a completely different way to experience photography that a lot of people have forgotten about, but it wasn’t so long ago that people don’t remember it, and that’s the key.”



2 thoughts on “Digital analogue constraint design”

  1. Or, offering a hardcore mode where you have to pay for prints before you know how they turn out! 😉 The Hipstamatic people could sell a “Disposable print pack” which gives you a discount when you order prints from your 24 shot digital analogue film.They probably already thought about this and are smiling at how they can earn money from a technically constrained product, packaged as experience.

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